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Core Faculty

John Crellin, M.D., Ph.D., Dean

Tania Javanouska M.D., D.H.M.S., H.D.

Douha Elnachef, M.D., N.D., H.D.

Geoff Szymanski, N.D., H.D.

Paravaneh Zardani, M.D., H.D.

Idoia Ania, student affairs

*In addition to our professorships we have a pool of over 35 teachers and assistant teachers who may be assisting our Professors and/or teach occasionally.

In order to be a core faculty member at the Homeopathic College of Canada, the candidate must have a minimum of five years of practice in medicine, homeopathic medicine, or teaching at an accredited university. Core faculty are responsible for the student education in their respective expertise. Core faculty are assisted from time to time by teachers and/or teacher assistants. A teacher is required to have a minimum of full time three years in their expertise.




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