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Careers in Homeopathy
In different jurisdictions homeopaths are joining together in an effort to regulate the profession. Since 1991 the Homeopathic College of Canada (HCC) has been recommending the minimum standards for regulation of the profession. These standards are based on the standards of homeopathy set in 1859, when it was regulated in Ontario, and are similar to the standards of other regulated health care professions of today. The HCC will continue to help and facilitate the regulation process of the homeopathic profession within the province of Ontario and throughout Canada.

Since August 1995 the homeopathic profession is formally involved in the process of developing a regulation allowing the use of the titles Homeopathic Practitioner and Homeopath as a step in guaranteeing high standards of education and health care in homeopathy. On August 30th, 1999 an application for regulation of Homeopathic medicine in the province of Ontario under the Health Professions Act of 1991 was filed.

Although the demand for well educated homeopaths has increased and since homeopathy is as yet an unregulated profession in Canada, we offer a word of caution to prospective students and patients alike. For the sake of the continuation of the homeopathic profession, it is important that these standards be strictly maintained. The need for well trained homeopaths has grown dramatically in the past few years in North America and the HCC keeps a database of all the requests for placement of homeopathic practitioners in Ontario and Canada.


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