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Cancer Research Initiative

To determine the nature of guidance that can be given to cancer patients who are interested in homeopathy and other complementary therapies as part of their care.
A critical evaluation of the role of homeopathy and other complementary therapies in cancer care is underway at the HCC. The current practice of classical homeopathy utilizes experimental and experiential data gathered throughout the two hundred year history of the discipline. Although few of the claims for treating cancer are accepted by those outside the homeopathic community, cancer sufferers often use homeopathic care to lessen the side-effects of conventional treatment or as an aid in palliative care.

The study examines patterns of treatments used during the past two hundred years from early days of homeopathy to the present in order to critically appraise the quality of the data. This will be the basis of the guidance that can be given to those afflicted.

We are interested in hearing from patients who have experiences in the use of homeopathy and/or other complementary therapies for cancer care as well as others who are interested in getting involved with the project.

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