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The College strives to increase the resources available to its students. Our Homeopathic Library is an extensive assortment of homeopathic medical texts that date back to the early 19th century. The HCC has one of the most complete homeopathic periodicals, journals and books in North America. These resources are available to students and researches only.

Our computer room contains a number of student computers and software programs availalbe for all students to help them with their studies and case taking. Some of the homeopathic software programs available to students are:
- Radar Homeopathic Software.
- Encylcopaedia Homeopathica (EH).*
- Synthesis (The standard Repertory of Contemporary Homeopaths).
- WinCHIP (Computerized Homeopathic Information and Research Program).

* HCC recently contributed various texts for inclusion in EH.

This section of the site will be continously updated in order to give the visitor that is interested in homeopathy the most benefical and up to date information that is available either through external links to studies, reports or other informative web sites and as well as articles and thesis that may be available through the HCC's students and instructors.


"The physician's highest and only calling is to restore health to the sick, which is called healing"
Samuel Hahnemann



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