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The Homeopathic Library
The Homeopathic Library is an ambitious collaboration betweeen the Homeopathic College of Canada (HCC) and professional homeopaths across the world. The goal is to accumulate vast resources of knowledge in the field of homeopathy and complementary/alternative medicine for the benefit of those learning homeopathy and for those conducting research in the field.

The Library will always be a work in progress. Over the years the College has been accumulating medical texts, microfilms and other resources. The library contains hundreds of texts in different languages and from around the world with many dating back to the 1800's. Included in the library are student thesis for the past few years. The College continues to gather resources to further the field of homeopathy and its instructors and students across the world.

Sample the Library online:

The HCC and Dr. Fernando Ania contributed in the year 2000, over one hundred unique and rare texts dating from 1836 to 1925 for the Encyclopaedia Homeopathica software program developed and distributed by Archibel S.A., who also are the creaters of the popular Radar Homeopathic Software program, as well as others. This contribution has enhanced the learning capability of homeopaths around the world.




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